About Undine

Our commitment to maintaining regulatory standards in all of our systems means a safe, clean water supply and a healthy living environment.


Regulated Water and Wastewater Utilities Emphasizing Regulatory Compliance and Quality Customer Service.

Founded in 2016 to acquire and renovate privately-owned water and wastewater utilities, Undine has taken on the challenging and rewarding role of bringing desperately needed improvements to utilities across Texas.

We are committed to achieving regulatory compliance in all of our systems by making cost-effective improvements, eliminating violations, and improving customer service. We pledge to be responsive in our communications with the community, our customers, and the state regulators.

Undine’s dedicated management team has provided proven experience and expertise in the acquisition of and the management and operation of utilities, along with bringing regulatory compliance to privately-owned water and wastewater utilities for over 20 years.

“We offer the unique ability to provide the necessary capital and commitment to utilities that have gone unrepaired for far too long.”
— Undine Founder and President, Ed Wallace

We're bringing all of our utilities up to regulatory standards. This means new control pumps, hydro tanks, and ground storage tanks.

Undine ESG Statement

Undine brings together its environmental, social and governance priorities with focus on ensuring a safe, clean water supply and a healthy living environment. Our ESG priorities and related objectives include:


Our customers are central to our mission at Undine, and we are dedicated to improving, and providing the highest quality customer service. Undine strives to improve service levels and avoid interruptions by several activities including replacing utility equipment, repairing leaks and being responsive to customer calls and questions.


Undine’s regulatory and operational team has decades of experience and expertise and is committed to meeting the highest standards for compliance in all state and federal rules and regulations governing our business and operations.


Undine is committed to providing safe and reliable water by improving, repairing, and maintaining utility infrastructure and equipment. To ensure that we satisfy this commitment, Undine continuously assesses equipment, makes necessary upgrades, tracks water quality, and sets related goals to maintain the highest standards.

Seamless Acquisition Transitions

Our experienced personnel are committed to ensuring all acquisitions run smoothly to mitigate billing and customer service issues.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Ensure that team members receive training related to creating an inclusive and engaging working culture.

Fraud, Bribery, and Corruption

Undine is committed to operating with integrity, and as such will investigate reports alleging behavior violating the Company’s Ethical Conduct Policy.

Health and

Undine promotes a strong safety culture by ensuring that all employees complete annual training.

Air & Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Undine is committed to reducing its emissions by implementing proactive strategies such as conserving energy, and regularly maintaining equipment.

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