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Our customers require responsiveness to service calls and billing questions, proper water pressure, capacity, and trouble free wastewater services.

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In order to initiate water service, you must speak directly with a customer service representative who will walk you through the process and assist you in completing the necessary paperwork.  Once all required documents have been received, water service is typically initiated within 24 hours.

Please fill out and submit the form below, along with a copy of your driver’s license and the signed customer service agreement.

Setting up service will require a $50 deposit for water and a $50 deposit for sewer. Transfer fees may vary from system to system.  Because costs will vary depending on the location, we recommend speaking to our customer service representative about specific pricing.  

A certified inspector will need to verify all specs and standards are up to code and ensure there is not a cross connection that may contaminate or endanger the public water supply. You can find more information on cross connections and their dangers, here 

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If you need to report an issue, you can call customer service or submit an online issue report. Enter your address into the “Your System Info” lookup feature at the top of the page to find your local customer service number.

Report Issue form

If you are currently experiencing a decrease in water pressure, we recommend first determining whether the issue is specific to a particular faucet or if your whole house is affected.  Turn on different faucets around your home.  If one faucet is having issues while the others seem to be functioning normally, the issue likely lies with that particular fixture, and your best course of action is to call a plumber for a repair.  If the low pressure is an issue throughout the entire house, however, a local outage is likely to blame. 

For more information on the status of that service issue, you are welcome to call customer service to report outages or gain updates on the service process. Undine understands experiencing an outage or a temporary loss of pressure is frustrating, and while these situations are often unavoidable, we strive to respond to and address all service issues as quickly as possible to restore the quality of your service and minimize inconvenience.

Enter your address into the “Your System Info” lookup feature at the top of the page to find your local customer service number.

Each customer has access to information about their water quality.  In order to locate your water quality report, use the system finder at to the top of the page titled “Your System Info” and fill in the required search information.  Once your system has been set, the water quality reports for your system will be available to you.

There are various Conservation Districts throughout Texas whose objective is to reduce the consumption of groundwater.  These districts are authorized by the State to charge various different fees for water consumption, which are passed on to customers, based on their water usage. 

The Harris-Galveston Subsidence District is a special purpose district created by the Texas Legislature in 1975. The District was created to provide for the regulation of groundwater withdrawal throughout Harris and Galveston counties for the purpose of preventing land subsidence, which leads to increased flooding.

The primary means by which the District accomplishes its statutory purpose of preventing subsidence is by regulating the amount of groundwater that may be withdrawn from aquifers, which means converting some portion of the groundwater demand within the District over to surface water supplies.

More information about Conservation District Fees can be found here under “Additional Fees On My Bill.”

More information regarding conservation/subsidence districts can be found here.

The Utility is responsible for the wastewater collection system, including the main lines and the customer service line, from the main to the utility’s valve. The customer’s responsibility includes their service line, from the utility’s valve back toward the residence, including the grinder pump and all appurtenant piping and controls contained within the property served. In addition to the grinder pump, each customer should install and maintain their own check valves which prevent backflow of sewage and an on/off valve to allow service and maintenance to be performed on their grinder pump and related equipment.

The Utility will set specifications and standards for grinder pumps and related piping to ensure proper performance and to maintain the integrity and function of the collection system.

The Utility can accept no liability for any malfunction of the grinder pump or backups in the service line to the sewer main. Please understand that any discharge of raw wastewater onto the customer property is the Homeowner’s responsibility and should be corrected within 24 hours of detection.

Additional information regarding grinder pumps can be found in the Undine’s Application for Service and Service Agreement.

The Texas PUC has jurisdiction over regulated utilities, such as Undine, and is responsible for settling disputes over rates and service.

If you have a complaint about your water or sewer service you should allow your utility the opportunity to resolve the situation before filing with the PUC.

Undine will always endeavor to base our decisions and policies strictly on the rules and regulations governing Texas utilities.  However, after giving us the opportunity to resolve an issue, if you are dissatisfied with our decision, you may file an informal complaint with the PUC online, or by calling the PUC Complaint Department.

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